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MedSeA mesocosms meeting

Six months after the end of the first MedSeA mesocosms experiment (Corsica-June/July 2012), it was time for us to meet again. Last week on Tuesday we have presented to each other our first results and Wednesday we have prepared the next experiment which will start in a month from now.
Lots of work have still to be done to show our results to the scientific community, as some of us are still collecting data. However, some interesting outcomes gave us ideas for the next experiment. It was a pleasure to discuss during the second day of the meeting about the sampling teams, the water volume and sampling types, the laboratories equipment, … The only “bad” point is that our partners realised that the water temperature will be around 13°C at this period and not above 23°C as we had in Stareso… We will have to equip ourselves with wet suit, gloves, …

Corsica view from Nice, it happen very  few but it's magic!

Corsica view from Nice, it happen very few but it’s magic!

We are going to start the building of the mesocosms and the installation of the anchors in early February. All partners will arrive on February 15th to start setting up their laboratories. If everything goes well, we’ll start sampling on February 21st and it will last for more than a month!