All you need is…(2)

The song says ‘All you need is love‘ in mesocosms experiment we’ll say ‘All you need is GLOVES’!! When we are sampling some of the parameters need to be protected from us. That maybe sound strange but we are a source of contamination because of our skin and hairs. To measure some of the nutrients (ammonium, nitrate, nitrite, phosphate, …) as well as metals. So, the best way we could sample would be cover from head to toe and change every day… but not very doable as we have to wear sailing clothes!

To minimize the contamination, we have few things to do. First of all is to wear gloves but also avoid to touch our hair or skin (not very easy when we want to itch or to blow its nose!). The boxes have to be rinsed every day and even on the cubis, the back of the box with the sampler has to be rinsed into seawater before placing the sampler on it…. All a clean process taught by Cécile and Justine the two “clean room’s” scientists.

When Cécile and Justine aren’t dressed with nice sailing clothes they are with white labcoat, ‘charlotte’ to avoid contamination with hairs and overshoes…all this to avoid contamination. Justine, is measuring nano-nutrients which are the elements used by phytoplankton to growth but very easy to contaminate. She already explained her part during the previous experiment.