How days are passing (by Angela)

As it was said, it`s been 4 days of sampling, until now with no major complications; only the weather and few inconveniences (loosing a hook and having to replace it by a peddle, one buoy to close to allow the cubi pass through -which the divers fixed this immediately-, and the autosampler coming only half full) this are minor things that the team have outcome fast and safe. When samples arrive from the 8:30am sampling, all the bottles for the 10:00am team are ready and the team waiting. The boat just change passengers and goes back to the mesocosms. Most of us had already experienced and get into the sampling routine and its rhythm which makes things easier. The fact that Lisa runs from her Lab. to prepare tea to those coming from sampling when is very cold also helps a lot!

After sampling, scientist disappear in their labs and the pumps start its melody. On this days, however, it`s very probable that a heavy rain would be listen even stronger.

Weather forecast for tomorrow isn`t very nice; rain, cold, some wind…. we will see.