Laid up for one day

When the wind come into the bay ....

When the wind come into the bay ….

For the 8th day of the experimental period we have been obliged to stay on land due to bad weather condition. The wind from North-East enter the Bay since this morning and it’s too dangerous to go sampling on our ‘cubis’. These platforms are 80cm above sea level so, when there is 50cm of short waves it make everything more complicated!!. So today was a ‘day off’. Well, not for everyone.

Actually at 6.30am, Alex and Laure (the incubation team) have been able to bring back the incubations and so, work on their samples. The incubations are bottles containing water sampled into the mesocosms the day before and kept for 24hours to measure process such as Primary Production (amount of biomass produced by microorganisms per day) or nitrogen fixation (see Lisa post). Other processes are measured by the early morning team (Mauro, Aggeliki) but don’t need to go back in situ.

Microlayer sampling similar to "roller coaster" this day!

Microlayer sampling similar to “roller coaster” this day!

It wasn’t a day off neither for the 8am team who had time to sample before the weather get worst!

We all hope that tomorrow we are going to be able to sample in good conditions!!