Annalisa Franzo

FranzoMy role in MedSeA Villefranche

In the frame of the Villefranche mesocosms experiment I will measure the rate of organic matter degradation processes. These activities play a key role in biogeochemical cycles since mediate the relationship between organic material and the biota. Moreover I will estimate the amount of highly active prokaryotes through the CTC method which allow to microscopically visualise respiring cells.

My thoughts on the trip

I am excited to collaborate with other scientists in an international context and I am sure that this experience will be formative for me. At the same time I am a bit nervous but I know that my anxiety will cease when the experiment will start.

More about my research

I will discuss my PhD thesis as soon as I will come back after the experiment conclusion. My research activity focuses mainly on benthic microbes ecology  in particular on the role played by these organisms on organic matter production, utilization and degradation. Moreover I started to study meiofauna. Although focused on plankton, I am interested in this Villefranche experiment because I worked to other mesocosms studies in which my colleagues and me tried to investigate the effect of CO2 induced pH decrease on both planktonic and benthic microbial communities.

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