Mauro Celussi

Mauro Celussi
My role in MedSeA Villefranche

During the mesocosm experiment my activity will focus on microbial metabolism.
On one hand I’ll be measuring rates of organic matter degradation processes. These activities are pivotal in biogeochemical cycles since mediate the relationship between organic material and the biota. To date there is no consensus on the effect of ocean acidification on these enzymatic processes and researchers have documented both inhibition and enhancement, according to the location, type of enzyme, etc…
On the other hand I will estimate the amount of highly active prokaryotes through the CTC method which allow to microscopically visualise respiring cells.

My thoughts on the trip

It will surely be exciting, being surrounded by friends with whom I’ve shared the Stareso experience and new unaware colleagues… Concerns? Since insects and wildlife will not be a big deal this time (I think)… water temperature… I already have shivers…

More about my research

My research activity focused on the synecology and physiology of planktonic bacteria and cyanobacteria in the North Adriatic coastal and paralic systems, in particular on the role played by these organisms on organic matter production, utilization and degradation.
More recently researches focus on the qualitative composition of bacterioplankton communities through molecular biology analytical methods. Several studies have been developed on spatial and temporal variations of prokaryotic communities in different environments (Southern Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, Arctic Ocean) along with their link to degradation processes and organic matter production in planktonic and benthic systems.
Current researches focus on the effect of growing CO2 concentrations in the marine environment on the diversity and functionality of planktonic and benthic microbial populations.

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