Vincent Taillandier

My role in MedSeA Villefranche
I am in charge of providing daily reports of hydrological conditions inside and outside the mesocosms. Every day during the experiment, temperature and salinity are reported at continuous depths ranging from surface to the bottom of the mesocosms. To do so, we will deploy a so-called CTD system, which is a light instrument of 15 kg equipped by temperature and pressure probes, a resistive cell measuring conductivity from which salinity is derived, a data logger and power supply. Other sensors measuring dissolved oxygen, pH, fluorescence of chlorophyll and irradiance, will be added to roughly characterize the biogeochemical environment.
My goal during the experiment will be to assist the scientists with a monitoring in real time of some parameters further analyzed from water samples, as a first insight on their evolution and vertical homogeneity. The protocols for deployment, data processing, quality control, and evaluation of uncertainties of measurments set up last summer in Corsica will be applied for consistency between the two MedSea mesocosms experiments.

More about my research
I am a physical oceanographer working at the Laboratoire d’Océanographie de Villefranche (CNRS). My interest in this institution mostly composed of marine biologists and biogeochemists is to characterize the environmental conditions of the field experiments in terms of dynamical processes.
Concerning the MedSea experiment, I focus on the stratification and heat content of the surface sea waters. They are highly influenced by diabatic processes and mixing due to the direct interaction with wind and atmospheric heat fluxes. Such a physical forcing is further needed to characterize the mecanisms of development of phytoplankton communities.

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